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Individual Hourly Program
Our individual hourly program is designed to meet the needs of clients who need more flexibility. The program provides intensive ABA therapy to children with developmental delays and disorders. The program targets the individual needs of the child based on our assessment and caregiver reports. The program includes regular conferences with clients, progress reports, and on-going caregiver training and support.
Available for children aged 18 months - 84 months.

School Readiness Group

Our group therapy program is designed to teach children the skills needed to succeed in school. Group therapy focuses on teaching the following skills:

  • follow classroom routines

  • social skills

  • work independently

  • pre-academic skills

  • self-help skills required in classroom settings


Parent Consultation

We believe parental involvement is the key to a child's success. We offer varying options regarding parent consultations.

Developmental and Verbal Behavioral Assessments

Our assessments provide caregivers with a better idea of what their child's unique strengths and weaknesses are. All assessments are comprehensive and include a detailed report based on the results of observation and multiple assessments.


School Shadowing

In most cases, children who are transitioning into school require additional support. School shadows can help children to successfully integrate into the school environment and provide the support needed to facilitate learning. We provide training for school shadows to work with children in school settings.

BCBA/BCaBA/RBT Clinical Supervision

We are fully committed to growing the field of ABA in Korea and can provide the necessary supervision for individuals seeking certification through the BACB.