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Smart Start is proud to be the first and only Behavioral Health Center of Excellence in Korea!


What Does BHCOE Accreditation Mean?

What is a BHCOE accredited organization?
A BHCOE Accredited® Organization is an applied behavior analysis provider that has demonstrated it has met and continues to meet an assortment of clinical and administrative standards as determined by an independent third-party evaluator. The BHCOE Accreditation serves as a consumer protection mechanism that indicates the organization to quality improvement, transparency, and accountability. The BHCOE distinction demonstrates that the accredited organization cares about feedback, can look internally, and can set goals for continuous progress.

Can anyone become BHCOE accredited?
No, providers are not given the accreditation, it is earned. Providers are evaluated on a number of measures related to clinical quality.

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Our Mission:

Our goal at Smart Start is to provide children with therapy based on the most recent and effective approaches. Many families in Korea are affected by autism; yet do not have many options when it comes to helping their children thrive. We believe that every child has the right and potential to reach their full capabilities and lead independent and fulfilling lives. Treating developmental delays must not be taken in a one-size-fits all approach, thus our goal is to nurture each child based on their individual needs. Furthermore, we strive to spread knowledge and awareness about autism and other developmental disorders.

Our Vision:

  • We will continually grow and improve to always be able to provide the absolute best services to our clients.

  • The improved use of technology will help us achieve even more and help parents, caregivers, and children by having a variety of tools available to reach their goals.

Our Values:

Our Core Value, from which all others flow, is: The needs and desires of the individuals we serve come first.

  • We strive to create a supportive community that is an integral part of the development of society.

  • Our priority is to make sure those we serve are happy. We will always respect and take into consideration the opinions and wishes of those we serve.

  • We aim to be an innovative force in this field. We will never simply be satisfied by following outdated methods. We seek to continue to educate and develop our staff so that we can provide services based on the most current research.

  • Quality is of the utmost importance. We will never be satisfied with satisfactory services. We aim to be the best at what we do.

  • We will always be completely transparent about our methods. We will be clear about what we do, and why we do it.