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Our History:

Smart Start's clinical director founded Smart Start in 2017 after learning about the immense need for quality ABA services in Korea. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and a Master of Education in special education with emphasis on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) from the Pennsylvania State University. Her primary interests are disseminating information about ABA in Korea, working with parents and caregivers, and disseminating information about autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Our Mission:

Our goal at Smart Start is to provide children with therapy based on the most recent and effective approaches. Many families in Korea are affected by autism; yet do not have many options when it comes to helping their children thrive. We believe that every child has the right and potential to reach their full capabilities and lead independent and fulfilling lives. Treating developmental delays must not be taken in a one-size-fits all approach, thus our goal is to nurture each child based on their individual needs. Furthermore, we strive to spread knowledge and awareness about autism and other developmental disorders.

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