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Our Approach

At Smart Start we believe that every child has the potential to learn and grow. We do not believe that a one-size-fits-all approach is the answer to treating developmental disorders. There is an expression that says “if you have met one child with autism, you have met one child with autism.” This means that every single child will have different strengths and weaknesses. We aim to work with your child to balance out their individual needs and encourage their growth.
We follow a natural pre-school like setting that incorporates various valid and reliable methods to encourage children to truly become motivated and engaged in their learning. We focus on developing verbal behavior and play skills, while also addressing behaviors that may interfere with learning. Our center utilizes “interest areas” that have been shown to facilitate social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development.
Therapists are highly trained in ABA practices and receive continual support and training from supervisors.

A Partnership with Parents

Smart Start works with parents to help prevent academic and social failure among young children: ages 2-7. Research consistently shows that children whose caregivers are highly involved in their education have the most optimal outcomes. We are committed to giving the child’s caregivers the tools they need to better learn how to help their child succeed.

Why Choose Smart Start?

  • We individualize therapy goals and programs to meet the individual child’s needs, skills, interests, and preferences

  • We continually assess the progress of each child and adjust their individual program as those needs change

  • We focus on teaching verbal behavior. Verbal Behavior therapy does not focus on words as labels only (cat, car, etc.). Rather, it teaches why we use words and how they are useful in making requests and communicating ideas

  • We believe parents/caregivers play a key role in their child’s outcome. We provide Parent/Caregiver trainings based on relevant topics and have an open-door policy

  • We are family-friendly and will always put the needs of the child and their family first