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Why Choose Smart Start?

  • Our team is dedicated to learning the most recent and effective ways to work with your child. We are progressive, inclusive, and caring, and we dedicate our time to practicing and disseminating compassionate and innovative ABA therapy.

  • Our passionate and experienced team prioritizes your family. We individualize therapy goals and programs to meet the individual child's needs, skills, interests, and preferences.

  • We closely monitor all programming and data and make changes in the moment to ensure that children make maximum progress while receiving treatment.

  • We focus on naturalistic applications of ABA, which include developmentally appropriate activities. Although your child is constantly learning, we ensure that it feels like play, rather than work.

  • We believe parents and caregivers play a key role. We provide personalized parent training based on topics that are relevant to you and your child.

  • Smart Start's system of supervision provides therapists with intensive training and ongoing supervision. High levels of supervision are important to ensure high quality and consistent services for our children.

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